2017 Most Engaging Brand Content


It’s no wonder why video is the runaway prefered social media content and here’s to proof once and for all that this is the way moving forward for brands. A total count of 14 videos out of 22 most engaging brand content on social media for the whole of last year presented by Adweek recently. That’s a whopping 63.6%! Incidentally that percentage was repeated as it was reported that a total of 64% consumers would buy after watching a video. It’s a vote of confidence for brands still evaluating the potential use of video for their social media for brand engagement.

The second point of contention—all the videos here are work that are carefully planned and generated in sync with brand messages i.e brand content with the intention to create an immersive experience for its fans. As brands are spending more into content creation than ever, the noise levels between the brands will start to drown out one another. The need to continuously build on video content is therefore goes without saying but more so is the crucial part where the creative narratives must make the connection more meaningful and worthy of audience engagement. This is why making video with the right agency is just as critical as deciding to start it at all.