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Goodbye Scooby, hello Babe! That’s from the Chinese zodiac calendar where the years are symbolized by a cyclical of 11 animals and 1 mythical creature. In about 3 weeks time we will bid farewell to 2018 and embark on yet another year of uncertainty and anxiety but with full of hopes and expectations. Some of us may have started writing down those ever fleeting thing called New Year Resolution. Here at Supervideo, we continue to do what we do best—the video content agency that helps our clients create, strategize, produce and optimize video contents for brand engagement and brand building. I know, a convenient plug but hey, with all those hard work we put in for 2018, we’ve earned it.
While doing research for this article, I’ve discovered some trends that are left out by most articles and so I decided to write about the overlooked trends for 2019. ‘Overlooked’ and ‘trend’ may sound oxy-moronic in the same sentence but that’s exactly why we are writing it—to provide a point of contention for a more complete perspective. You can read the obvious about video marketing trends here or from other blogs to complement this writing. But let’s take a look at the potentially 5 ‘overlooked’ video marketing trends for 2019 and how your business can stay relevant in a rapidly changing business, social and digital environment with video.
Trend 1: 6-Second Video Ads
This is a new breed of short and succinct video minus all the fats, going straight for the kill and one that demands extra effort in creativity to convey the brand message. I also wrote about this subject a few months back and still think the 6-second video ads are here to stay, growing even stronger. This is borne from a simple habitual logic that as human, we are losing our attention span as it dwindled to just 8 seconds—even shorter than a goldfish. So the 6-second ad format is much more in sync with today’s unforgiving attention economy. Furthermore, the growth of mobile usage put advertisers in an even tighter pressure to reach a whole new generation of audience. The audience could anytime abandon or skip your ads if they find it is taking too long to load or to play.
Trend 2: Video Making App
Like mushrooms on the field after the rain, the tremendous growth of video naturally facilitates the sprouting of cloud-based video making apps in the market. These are apps for the social media and sometimes light business use if you are not too demanding—designed with filters, templates, fonts and even music. You’ll just need minimal skill, a camera, the app, a little time and lots of efforts to put together a decent looking video. Nonetheless, these apps are merely tools created to tab into the ‘do-it-yourself’ culture. The end results look like a slideshow with fancy transitions with more bells and whistles.
Trend 3: Direct Selling via Video (Non-Influencer)
Personalized selling has never been more intruding and prevalent than ever before. Sales pitch, training course, product feature selling, and even testimonial are now everywhere, especially on social media. It’s the very nature of social media and messaging apps that enable one-to-one connection easily and conveniently between the seller and the buyer. This helps form authentic relationship and eventual brand credibility. One blogger literally sells her unpretentious ’S’ shaped general purpose hook in my living room, through my Facebook. From services, courses, books, cosmetics, fashion to almost anything, you will see more of these direct selling individuals selling on social media.
Trend 4: Webinars
“Are webinars dead?” Hubspot a popular inbound marketing company exclaimed on their blog. According to, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads. LinkedIn literally had webinars almost every week in their aggressive push for advertisers and thought leaders engagement. Webinars are engaging, interactive, dynamic and could generate active leads where viewers are practically hooked on the conversation for the next 30 – 60 minutes. Needless to say, the video is at the heart of this connection with its unassuming popularity.
Trend 5: Video SEO
Video SEO optimizes your video through indexing and ranking on the search engines for the relevant keywords. Previously, video depended on meta description and title for search bots to be found but video is now getting more search-friendly. Thanks to AI and the used of closed caption (subtitles) which make the video content searchable and scrappable for search bots to find your content. Google recently announced the addition of video previews to the video carousel that appears in search results when using Chrome or Google app on the mobile. When one toggles on the carousel, you will see a 6-second preview of the video, in which I suspect YouTube would eventually introduce a similar preview feature soon if they have not already done so.
So, as we approach the new year with much anticipation for what’s new in video marketing—it is helpful sometimes not to lose sight of things that are not too apparent as well. With a clearer picture in mind, you can get to the action plan or strategy quicker and with greater efficiency. Until next year, have a great 2019!