5 Secrets to A Social Worthy Facebook Video Campaign.

Facebook Ads video format is perhaps one of the most engaging and thought-provoking forms of paid content available on the platform. From short, bumper ads to full-fledged: 30-second teaser campaigns, Facebook’s feed is filled with video content.

This article will walk you through how to set-up your very own video advertising campaign so that you can reach massive followers and increase your brand awareness.

Secret #1: Keep Your Videos Short and Sweet
The Facebook news feed is filled with content. Because users don’t have the time to click on every single post, ad, or link they find, you need to catch their attention. Give the audience something worth paying attention to.

To be active with Facebook video ads, the content needs to a grab the user’s attention in 3 seconds and have a short duration, probably no more than 15-20 seconds total.

As you can tell from your newsfeed, many video ads fail to do this, which results in low engagement and poor results. Analyze your current audience retention for any of the organic videos you may have posted to your page. You, more than likely, will find engaged users originating around the start of the video, and see users drop off as the video progresses.

Don’t give your audience a reason to drop your video content. Create short, concise clips that are effective and engaging, but still get the message across.

Secret #2: Write A Compelling Headline and Post
Consider the fact Facebook only allows for so much text per ad. The headline is probably one of the strongest areas to place your message. But you don’t have much real estate to get this messaging across.

Your ad headline can make a huge difference in who actually clicks on an ad. Consider using strong action verbs, language devices, and compelling appeals to lure the audience in to stop to catch your video ad for a few seconds.

The best results come from messaging that contains ad text, videotext, and CTA, and headlines correspond and deliver similar messaging, with slight variations. Keep the writing short, however. For video ads, you want your audience focused on your media! Headlines with 60-100 characters have the top CTR, and the rates decline once they get any longer.

Secret #3: Use Imagery Users Can Identify With

One of the great things about Facebook advertising is the ability to target different geographic regions. With video ads, unless you can use footage and imagery to reflect the geolocations targeted!

If you’re a small business, and you’re targeting to a group of people who live within 1 mile of you, using imagery of the surrounding neighborhood, including well-known landmarks, can help drive home the local connection your audience needs.

At the same time, if you have 3 different locations in 3 very different regions, you can swap out footage and images to reflect different content to personalize your videos more! This technique also helps maximize your conversion rate for video ad campaigns, because users are more likely to become your customers when you’ve established a sense of identity with them!

Secret #4: Focus on Telling A Story, Not Granting Offers
The internet is full of spam and garbage! Offers are actively annoying to customers. Don’t let your brand annoy the customer. Keep your video focused on a story and not on offers or sale price. Concentrate providing real value to customers. Something they can take-away from the content without doing anything else (although we would like them to click on the ad!)

Video content accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic. Ensure your video marketing campaigns smash your objectives and stay famous, current on the news feed An engaging method you can use is to teach your audience. For example, you can show your customers a useful tip to help them solve a problem or demonstrate how your product/service works.

Video ads can demonstrate the validity of your product or service. Customer testimonials can have a substantial impact on your audience. Video success stories turned into ads can help show an account of your customer. This fits quite well into your overall content marketing strategy if you rely on buyer personas!

Secret #5: Use Remarketing with Your Video Audience
Remarketing is a reliable technique to use in digital advertising. However, on Facebook, using specific remarketing features can lift your video campaign to the next level. You can create a custom audience of people who already like your Page, have visited your website, or who have interacted with you on Instagram (the list goes on), and remarket your video content to these people you know already have some interest in your product or service. This may be the one factor that converts them to a buyer.

On the other hand, you can also remarket to people who have viewed your video ad. A common strategy I like to use is a custom audience created around those who watched at least 25% of a video. Because we know they watched some of the videos, they may just need a little more information or a reminder to get them to convert. Using image ads, Page Like campaigns or forms of advertising in coordination with a video ad campaign can help increase conversions. This also gives you more time to get your message across to your audience!

After exploring these 5 secrets, you can see the power of video advertising and the impact it has on social media marketing. Facebook loves video content, whether it’s live, 360 degrees, or premium quality content, users consume this sort of material more than anything else on the internet. Video advertising is still relatively cheap, compared to paid search and display advertising, so now is the time to test the waters with your very own campaign.  Get started today!