5 Ways to Supercharge Your Video to Generate Lead

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

I attended a two days marketing event called MarTech Summit in Kuala Lumpur recently. As usual, there were speakers of various specializations from different companies sharing their take on all things marketing and how technology is changing it. Summits and conferences are a great way to generate leads. The audience purchased tickets to attend the event. They are a captured audience. The summit helps the speakers generate leads via the event activities. But what is lead generation, and how do you make it sing for your business if you do not have a captured audience? In this article I will help you identify five ways to supercharge your video to generate more lead.


To begin, lead generation is a process of attracting and converting cold (or new) prospects into one that would show interest and potentially converting them into paying customers. But as the prevalence of technology spreads far and wide, consumers are exposed to far too many distractions, particularly online. From 3 screens right up to currently reported 7 screens. Consumers don’t have the attention span for you if you are not relevant to them. Every brand is fighting very hard to attract the same consumers.


Generate Lead with Video

So to generate new business, companies must ensure every opportunity to engage do not go to waste. When a stranger initiates a relationship, the transition from generated leads to becoming paying customers are more natural. But before that can take place, you must know first how to engage them. Here is where video should be a key component to your lead generation strategy. According to Omnicore, video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text. Naturally, this helps move consumers further down your conversion funnel.


I will share five ways to supercharge your video to generate better leads. Many business owners see a drop-off in new leads because they stop thinking strategically about conversions using video. Most merely make corporate or product videos and postings on social media or company website without thinking through. If you want to make videos generating quality leads, you’ll need to think of it differently from now on. Here is how you supercharge your videos.


1. Call-to-Action

We all know about online video. We see them all over Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The difference is most doesn’t use it strategically. You’ll need to convert viewers into actual customers by getting them onto your email list. So always build a call-to-action into your videos. Make it clear to your audience that you’ll want them to click on a link, call the hotline, sign-on to your email list, download the white paper, etc. It wouldn’t be efficient if after watching your video viewers click away, and we lose them for good.


Vidyard conducted a split test and found that there was a vast difference between a video with CTA and one without a CTA. There is a conversion rate of 21 percent for those who has a CTA the end of their videos compared with just one percent of the videos which are without the CTA.


2. Create Short-Form Social Video

We go to social media platforms to get social. Create short-form social videos of not more than 2-minutes top. Unlike others, social videos should be engaging, relevant, and connecting with your audience. Make your social video ‘real’ and authentic by showing your true personality (or of brand’s). Engage the audience with freebies and giveaways. Share a personal anecdote or client story to capture their attention. Engage in storytelling techniques.


3. Make it A Campaign (Series of Videos)

Plan your entrance and staying power into the social media calendar. Make this a regular content to continuously feed into your audience networks. Series of relevant videos will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. When you are always on their mind, you have won the mind’s space already. Plan your style, language, consistency, spread (time and day), and platforms across channels. Each of these combined will give your brand an authentic personality. Liking and following your channel or page gives your brand a real audience that is ready and willing. 


4. Use Gated Content

Gated content is content that requires viewers to sign-in and provide their information willingly to you before they can access it. You can either create a form before or midway into the video. Popular video platform Wistia reported that videos using such a strategy have an uptake conversion rate of 16 percent. Video with forms that appear in the first 20 percent has conversion rate bumps up to a surprising 42 percent. Despite that, gated content may not be suitable for all consumers. Consumers are more likely to give out their personal information to access your video only if they are exposed to your brand before. Cold audience at the top level of your funnel is not aware of your brand or product proposition. They wouldn’t bother sharing their information with you. So make sure you understand your marketing funnel, objectives, audience, and their journey.


5. Add Video to Your Landing Page

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video (Forbes, 2018). Add the statistic to a landing page’s objective, which is to convert visitors, and you’ll have the perfect combination of a lead generating machine. According to a WyzOwl survey, 95 percent of respondents reported having watched a company’s explainer video to learn more about a product or service. By adding relevant video content on your landing pages, visitors are better informed about your offer or your brand. Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80% according to Unbounce.



Generating leads with video need not be complicated nor unattainable if you plan your video journey strategically along your marketing funnel. Like the captured audience in the MarTech Summit, video is a great engagement tool as well as generating good quality lead so long as you know how to make it work for your objectives. By supercharging your video with ideas in this article,  a simple social or a corporate video can achieve more than you ever planned. You can even repurpose any of your existing videos and make it generate more leads for your business. So start your lead generation by supercharging your videos today! Make those 24 frames-per-second work harder for you and your business.