"All Video" The Next 3 Years


Many times the best way to tell a story is through visual. Picture does tell a thousand words. It started from cave dwellers scribbling stick figures on the wall and fast forward to present days with the ad industry visual ads leading more engagement than words only ads. Then TV took on radio and walked away with the bigger chunk of ad dollar. Now online video is taking social media to the next level. The truth is, video isn’t new to internet but recent years infrastructure improvement does leapfrogged technology in encryption and package delivery of video enabling a rather quick adoption of it. Bandied with how audience lapping up every cat videos they find on social media,

Facebook is taking video in a very big way proclaiming an “all video” Facebook in the next 2 to 3 years. Surveys proved the undisputed turn of events with video in this article by Contently where organisations planning to invest more in video as much as 74% by 2019.

*The main picture and chart is credited to Contently