Hail The New King!



We saw it coming from miles away. Instagram first introduced it in 2013 and then went full strength with Stories in 2016 while Snapchat is it from the early days. Facebook obviously saw it coming too predicated by some 2 billions users data that showed the trend of how users interact with their social postings. And yes we are talking about video. Facebook continued to experiment with various formats and finally launched Watch in August 2017, a video centric tab cum App that allows content publishers to build network of videos.

Whenever we talk about video, we cannot separate it from the word content. “Content is King” is the true north for companies and agencies that publish materials. But many were grappling with content through trial and error trying to make sense and make good with it. Netflix would claim theirs the syndicated shows while NYT would be stories and articles. The salient point is one about video having grown into a monster of content organically and it won’t go away any time soon. Its all simple human psychology really, on why we as human prefer narratives in motion picture format over plain words isn’t too hard to figure out. Read on for some examples of how companies making videos their serious choice and you’ll realise why your brand should be too. Let’s hail the new king and be ready for video or be left behind.