Video Production vs
Video Marketing.

They exist in the same
ecosystem but both servicing a slightly different needs.


A video is a video is a video. Well, except there is a big difference between just any video and one that has a proper strategy to back it. Argue-ably depending on who you are asking, one may debate till no end though. So let me qualify my comparison here that this article refers to producing video for business or marketing objectives. Many still get confused over the terms between video production and video marketing, and in this article, I will try to explore the differences between them.

Video production and video marketing offer different services even though some of the disciplines and nature of work do overlap and cross-reference one another. Many times when I introduce my company services, the assumptions were that we are in videography production for events, promotions, or even shooting wedding videos. Full disclosure is that I have been on both sides of the coin, the production team, and the creative and marketing team. This article will try to demystify the differences between the two.

Video Production Services

Let’s start with the video production services. Business seeking to make a company or product video would usually approach a video production company. The video production ‘house’ (commonly referred to) has all the necessary production skill, talent, crew, equipment, and production planning capabilities. These include casting, scheduling, technical solutions, and budgeting. Simply said, it makes video according to what the client wanted, albeit not necessarily what it really needed for their marketing purposes.

Video production company delivers a service to produce the video based on their immense technical knowledge and planning capabilities. These could range from a TV commercial, video narrative, documentary, live event, testimonial, and even the full movie production.

Notwithstanding this wide encompassing production know-hows though, video production house lacks some serious business marketing expertise and strategic planning ability to build a brand. This is understandable because they do what they are best at—production of video. Traditionally, this gap has always been fulfilled by marketing or advertising agencies, creative shops, or related types of companies, with an extra layer of cost to client. This brings us to what really differentiates between both video production and video marketing.

Video Marketing Services

A fairly new discipline thanks to the advancement of technology, internet, and data streaming, which opens up an entire digital video capabilities for social and marketing purposes. It started on the desktop but eventually spread to the mobile smartphone. As mobile and data streaming speed improved even further, so did the appetite to consume even more videos on-the-go. Hence, when consumers are consuming, there will also be businesses trying to reach out to them.

Video marketing, unlike video production services, starts from the point of marketing. It identifies business and marketing objectives to generate a marketing-with-video strategy. It establishes the real issues within the company’s marketing needs and subsequently providing solutions in video as the medium. These video marketing solutions could be prescriptions to existing or future marketing issues faced by the brand.

Unlike video production services where the brand owner describes what it wants, video marketing services help them identifies what it needs. The objectives are to engage with the targeted audience creating conversations by pushing the video assets at the right time, with the right channel, to the right people (optimizing the video).

“It is really about brand building
with the right video content.”

Video marketing services focus on:

• Understanding the marketing problem client is facing
• Find a marketing solution and identify how video fits into the solution
• Identify the right target market
• Recommend the right video strategy
• Create video ideas that resonate with the brand DNA
Create video ideas that resonate with the audience
• Identify where and how the video will be consumed

• Plan and shoot the video

• Measuring the results
• Incorporate other digital marketing into the campaign where necessary

Strategizing, planning, creative, and optimization are the keys to any successful video marketing besides production requirements. Video marketing services companies help the clients figure out all these before any video production actually starts.


Video production and video marketing services exist in the same ecosystem and both addressing different needs. The world seems to favor powerful narratives that are meaningful and emotionally connecting with the audience like this one about a station master and her son. Whoever understands the market and its audiences better, will rule.

There is no stopping either entity from cross-hiring the right talent to boost their strengths as the market anticipates more hybrid video companies in the future. Both services are here to stay and would continue to evolve.

In the face-off, the clear winner will be the brand, as there are more options to help them address specific needs at different juncture. Whoever solves client’s marketing problems with quicker, better targeted and laser-focused solutions will be the winner. Eventually, whether it is a single corporate video or a series of video content narratives, it would only be wise to start your strategy clearly to ensure your marketing objectives are met.

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